Taste of Louisiana Cafe

Best crawfish etouffee in the state, giant burgers, and an assortment of creepy wooden gnomes.  Today we visit Taste of Louisiana Cafe in the antique village.

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“In the 50′s and 60′s Denham Springs was what is now the antique village,”


“The train is depot is actually still there.  It’s a coffee shop now.”


“There’s a small wooden train for children–”

“Which is all colorful and nice but I don’t actually think children can play on it.  There are a lot of signs everywhere  that tell you a lot of stuff you’re not supposed to do”


“You get the impression sometimes that perhaps the city of Denham Springs paid a guy.  In advance.  To make a lot of signs.”


“. . . a little picture of a skateboarder dude and he looks rad as fuck.”


“I was confused but when I looked at how rad the skateboard guy was, suddenly I wanted to be that guy.”


“For an appetizer we got eggplant medallions that were fried up, served with marinara, and covered in Parmesan.”

“We got it by accident.”


“They have the best crawfish etouffee we’ve ever eaten and we will put that to a test.  [ . . . ]  Send us a recipe, send us to a place, somewhere in Louisiana preferably [ . . . ]”

“We’ll be unbiased.  If you actually found better crawfish etouffee that would be amazing, but we don’t believe you have.”

“We’re not going to like, say through gritted teeth this stuff’s better and then secretly love it and eat it in secret.”


“They give you a lot of food for what price you pay.”

(Feta Smokehouse Burger: $8.95)


“Its very interesting to see some of the older rooms, because I don’t know if any of y’all are into seeing some creepy stuff, but . . .”


” . . . I don’t know if they know some of this stuff is creepy . . .”


” . . . but I really hope they know . . . “


” . . . the giant hideous Superman pinata that looms above the old movie theater . . . “


“Don’t ask any questions.”


“Be semi-terrified . . .”


  “. . . and semi-entertained.”


Taste of Louisiana Cafe
105 N. Range Ave, Denham Springs, LA 70726
(225) 664-4181

LUNCH: Tues – Saturday 11am – 2:30pm
DINNER: Friday and Saturday 5pm -9pm
Taste of Lousiana Cafe on Urbanspoon CLOSED Sunday/Monday



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